The definition of a HERETIC is someone who does not conform to the established ideals or opinions of the masses.

HERETIC PARFUM began with the choice to go against the grain and do something different. We’ve created a collection of fragrances composed entirely of naturally derived materials and we’re on a mission to be radically transparent about all of our ingredients. Our fragrances are hand-crafted with natural essential oils, concretes, and absolutes that are blended in organic, non-GMO grape and sugarcane alcohols using the same process used by perfumers hundreds of years ago – before synthetics took over the industry. The olfactory fingerprint of each individual plant, where it was grown, and how it grew, gives these scents their character, mystery and beauty. These rare, authentic materials go far beyond the cosmetic department and into the realms of homeopathy, ayurveda, and herbology. 

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